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Thursday, October 16, 2014

I have a problem...

A pajama problem.  I love pajamas.  I love the soft fleece feel.  I love the snuggles and I LOVE DROPSEATS!

While my husband and I were walking through Walmart, I noticed that they had put out the winter pajamas.  I was eyeing these sheep jammies and pawing through looking for these cat pajamas that I missed out on buying last year.  I was bummed because the kitty pajamas had a hood with ears and a tail!

So, I'm looking through the pajamas when I found a pair of green ones that said, "I'm a frog!  Look behind!"  Could it be???  Was Walmart carrying dropseat jammies!!!!????


I couldn't help myself.  I bought two.  A frog and a fox.

This is one happy SAS.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Shadowlane XII: Goodbye... for now!

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We spread out in a circle around the room to play tops vs bottoms catchphrase.  Basically how it works is for every point the ladies get, we get two minutes of personal service.  For every points the guys get, we get six swats.  We agreed early on that the winning team must win by two points, and that ended up resulting in one of the longest runs of catchphrase that we had ever played. 

We are an extremely competitive group.  As the rounds continued the tension rose as we playfully fought for the title of, um, catchphrase champion!  We managed to tie, and then flip back and forth between one point before the ladies finally won.  It is fun to watch everyone’s different reactions.  OS would grab the catchmaker out of my hand practically ripping my fingers off, where Dirk would remain calm and slowly sound out his clues as the gentlemen in the room would shout desperately at him. 

The giddy, tiredness started to hit us as silly conversations arose.  At one part we were arguing about what part of the worm silk comes out.  Laughing I said, “Are we really discussing what comes out of a worm’s ass!?”  The game playing continued on until after 6am and the sunrise.  I was having so much fun I didn't want the weekend to end. 

Unfortunately, good things eventually DO have to end.  We gave out some hugs and headed back to our room in an attempt to get a few hours of sleep.  Pubsie and I had to be heading out to the airport in a few hours to catch our flight home.  A brief nap, and soon our alarm was going off for us to gather our supplies and get out of dodge.

Not wanting to wake up everyone in the other suite, I was able to give a few hugs out and fight back tears.  Sometimes it is good to be the first person leaving because I do not have to be a sobbing mess when the majority of my friends were still sleeping.  I gave my wifey a huge hug, and then a few people in the other suite, before Pubsie prodded me along.  Kor-E and Maria were nice enough to give us a ride to the airport, and I fought back tears as we said goodbye.  Pubsie gave me a big hug and wiped a few of my tears as we headed into the airport.

Leaving parties are so hard for me.  I do not have many close friends in the vanilla world, and my spanko family means the world to me.  I really wished that we didn't have to be scattered all over the country, but it makes me happy that for people who truly care for one another, ways will be found to be together.  Until I find my place in this crazy world, I will continue to buy lottery tickets in the hope of purchasing that spanko commune for all of us to enjoy. 

To my spanking family:  Thank you so much for your kindness, love, and company.  I cannot wait for our next adventure!

Shadowlane Part XI: My Final Scene of the Weekend

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As the suites started to wind down, we slowly started to head up to suite 1016 for our super-overly-competitive-game-time. ;)  As we waited for everyone to show up, StrictDave's blowgun made another appearance.  OS was aiming for a water bottle and managed to dart the chair and the magazine that was the background behind the water bottle. It definitely was much harder to shoot than it looked!  I was very intrigued to try it, and Somaholiday passed on her words of wisdom that was taught to her by StrictDave.  Giving it a try, I managed to nail the water bottle on the first try.  Turns out, I was oddly good at shooting the thing and now I want one!  I'm not a hunter or anything (in fact I like to think that my protein magically shows up packaged at supermarkets as opposed to what really happens), but you never know.  It never hurts to be prepared for the zombie apocalypse. Most likely I will get it and shoot up the shed in my backyard for two months before getting sick of it and never using it again.  :-P

It was nice to hang out and chat, and I was looking up something on my phone when OS asked if we had a few minutes.  Since not everyone was there yet, of course we did.  Me being as dense as I am didn't understand what he was asking, so without looking up from my phone I told him kind of snarkyish if he needed a few minutes, take a few minutes.  "Do what you have to do OS!  We'll wait for you!"  He responded with a "good" and picked up his nasty hairbrush from the coffee table and grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the bedroom.  I protested because I honestly thought he had to use the bathroom or something.  

Inside the bedroom he told me to get in the corner.  I let out a disgruntled noise and shot a dirty look because I hate standing in the corner.  He responded with, "you know how I like you to stand in the corner, so it would be in your best interest to do that!!"

I sighed and stuck my nose in the corner but realized I still had my phone in my hand.  I turned to him and held it up and he took it saying that that was a wise move. I turned my nose back to the corner and he pulled my pj bottoms down to where they were hugging my lower cheeks.  

I do struggle with corner time.  I have a.d.d. and am unable to stand still in one spot for very long.  Corner time has been a battle of my wills vs my desire to please my play partners.  I hate it, but I like that my partners enjoy it and want to please them as well.  Thankfully OS seems to understand not to push and has never made me stand in the same spot for too long.  His tone and demeanor put butterflies in my tummy and I was a tiny bit nervous when he called me over to him.  

He pulled me over his lap and started to spank as he asked me if I knew why I was getting this particular spanking.  In my defense, it was very late Sunday night (technically Monday morning) of a spanking party and thanks to the abnormally long party drought for me between BBW and Shadowlane, I may have done and said a lot of sassy things in the four months between parties.  I was not sure what exactly he was talking about, and I also didn't want to provide any more ammunition just in case I was reminding him about things he didn't think of or things he maybe had forgotten about.  

Slightly amused, he told me to think harder and switched to that nasty hairbrush.  Trying desperately to think up the correct answer, I begged for a timeline.  Slightly smirking he said, "sure!  It was last May!"  I believe that was when the panties came down.

That did help and at first I asked if it was the online detention slips/punishment book shenanigans (it wasn't) and then I remembered the photo.  The Ohio State finger salut.  That brought us closer to the real reason.  Now it was not the picture (he does have a sense of humor) that he was thinking about, but an actual reaction to something I did/texted that was very real and very powerful to me that that was what he was spanking me for.  It is so hard for me to let people get inside my head, and he nailed it.  This was something I struggle with (with everyone, not just him or Spankos) and he had just called me out on it.  

I do not get spanked for real things very often, and by real I mean something I do not do on purpose.  It may seem like such a little thing to anyway else, but for me it was something that I have and continue to battle in my neurotic brain and occasionally get taken advantage of because if it.  When I pulled it on OS, he called it out way back in May, but it didn't register with me at the time.  That is how often I do this. It is second nature and I don't realize I am doing it.  I know it must be frustrating because I am not saying what it is, but this is my blog so you will just have to deal with it. ;)

My mindset had completely changed and I was caught slightly off guard, mostly because that is how rare it is to get in my head and put me into a submissive demeanor.  I was sorry and I no longer knew how to react.

The scolding made my eyes water and I tried very hard to stay focused and do as he asked.  The hairbrush continued to come down as I struggled against the sting of the wood wishing that I had played more during the day to be warmed up enough to take it gracefully.  My mind was still processing pain, scolding, and being disappointed with myself not to be more trusting of someone I adore so much.  

I don't remember ever seeing such a serious look on OS's face before. He took off his belt and told me that he was going to reinforce this lesson with his belt to help me remember in the future.  

I am not sure exactly what is wrong with me, but I do know that if I say the right words our scene will wrap up.  However, I became tongue tied.  I'm not sure if it is my inner stubbornness to test his resolve and see if he really DOES mean it, or the fact that I really felt that I deserved the discomfort, or the fact that my headspace was in the right spot to accept stroke after stroke, but I stayed silent with the exception of shrieks when the belt came down on a particularly tender spot.  The strokes continued with out stopping for quite a while.  I'm not even sure how long he ended up strapping me.  I turned a few times to see if I could catch his eye and possibly end the scene with my "I'm really sorry eyes", but the look and focus on his face was one of a top that wasn't going to stop until I submitted to what he had asked.  

Something in my brain finally clicked and I found my words.  Our scene wrapped up with some remarks, and then because I opened up my big mouth and made some remarks in an attempt to lighten my mood and be funny, I ended up back on the bed for a few more. 

OS told me that my bottom was very red and to go check it out in a mirror.  He was right.  It was the reddest I have seen it in a long time and I actually regret that we didn't get a picture.  I think that almost all the marks I got from the weekend were from this one scene. He gave me a big hug and whispered how he loved me, but as the adrenaline from the scene was wearing off, I was actually shaking and needed to sit down.  OS grabbed me some water as I calmed down and tried to de-fuzz my brain.  Of course in this moment I started apologizing for shaking and because I was just now realizing how long I had let that scene go on when others were waiting for us. I was even told to take a sip of water every time I wanted to say I was sorry, but I really wanted to apologize for being a pain in the ass and not submitting earlier.  He just shook his head and said, "you can't help yourself, can you!?"  I promise to keep working on it!

Thinking back, it was pretty selfish of me to hog up all his time, but it was the type of intensity that I had been craving for a long time and he is one of the few tops that I trust enough to give it to me.  When we went to join the rest of our friends for a night of games, sweet Stacy looked so concerned and she asked me if I was all right. I said yes, and thanked her for being so sweet and kind and nice enough to share her daddy.  Stacy and OS have this beautiful relationship and I know that they do not get to spend as much time together as they would like.  The fact that Stacy is nice enough to share her precious time is something I am incredibly grateful for.  She could easily tell me to go away and I would be more than happy to oblige! It is this kindness that makes us feel as if we are a real family.  We genuinely care for each other.  Heck, it is much nicer than what my real family is capable of giving.  :-P  

The adrenaline was definitely wearing off and I could feel the results of that particular spanking as I sat on the couch to get ready for an intense version of spanko catchphrase!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Shadowlane X: Sunday Night Suite Parties

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Sunday night suite parties are my favorite because they are relaxed and low key.  Everyone is much more cuddly with the exception of sneaking out for last minute scenes.   A group of us were snuggling on the couch and able to share laughs and smiles and retell some of our favorite adventures from the weekend.  My prior anxiety attack was forgotten as I remembered how great it is to be in the company of good people and friends.  My mood was improved even more when TopJosh walked over to me and told me that he had been watching my smile light up the room since he walked in.  Having someone come up to me and say something so sweet made my night.  I’m glad that my “sincere” smile was showing.  ;) 

One bad thing about the suite is that one of the toilets overflowed and was starting to soak into part of the carpet.  I of course didn't realize it until AFTER I stepped in the gross, squishy carpet wearing sandals.  A plumber was called, but the hotel was taking its sweet ass time getting there.  One of the male party goers showed up carrying an implement bag that was also an actual toolbag. 

As a bunch of us were sitting on the couch, RainySpanker was the one to notice and started yelling, “The toilet is over there!!!   To the left!  NO, THE LEFT!!!!!”  We were all slightly confused to who he was shouting at, but then he shouted at another top to get his attention and point him to the bathroom.  The other top looked at the plumber look-alike, realized that he was a spanko guest, and quickly shook his head and waved his arms, NO at RainySpanker.   The entire couch started to crack up.

RainySpanker was trying to defend himself by saying, “doesn't he LOOK like he could be a plumber!!??”  Of course those of us on the couch had to spend the next ten minutes mocking RainySpanker yelling.  “LEFT!  LOOK LEFT!  THE TOILET IS ON YOUR LEFT!!!”  My stomach started to hurt I was laughing so hard.

Nightowl came and joined us on the couch and it was so good to catch up with her.  Friday night she had come up to me to give me a hug and provided wonderful, positive, and uplifting advice to me.  She knew I had been having a bad few months in my personal life and her coming up to me was so sweet.  I adore her!

One thing though, I could smell her cigarettes and after having the one, all I wanted was another.  I asked if she would mind if I bummed one of her smokes and she happily complied.  I thought I could perhaps sneak out without being noticed, but it didn't exactly work out like that.  People were starting to wonder where I went and someone snitched.  Of course when I came back to the suite EVERYONE was teasing me asking, “WHAT’S THAT SMELL!?!?”  I know my face was bright red.  That was the pressure I needed earlier and hope I get when I try my next spanking party weekend without smokes.

As the night wore on, cute little Prux had something that she tricked convinced me into helping out with.  At the FMS party that I was unable to attend, ReeBee and Prux asked what would be a funny thing to do for their scene with OS.  I had let them know the absolute worst thing they could do would be to make fun of his sport teams.  I even TOLD them that it would be the worst thing to do and that his hairbrush would be instantly added to this scene.  The two girls decided to do it anyway.  I still personally think that my being yelled at and spanked for their actions was ridiculous.  These were grown ladies and they chose their actions.  If I had the power to control people into being my minions, I would be ruler of the world (/endrant/). 

So Prux, in hoping to make up the error of her duck panties, asked me to help create a book to why the “Ducks” were bad, but actual ducks were cute and adorable and stuff.  So, being the helpful person that I am, I created a list of bad awesome duck jokes and sent it to her to help add to her book.  Sunday night was the big reveal and apparently OS was not too happy with his gift.   Prux was bent over a chair first, so I took the opportunity to move to behind the couch.  Pubsie pointed to me and said, “QUIT HIDING BEHIND THE COUCH!”  I responded with, “ummmm… you can SEE me.  That means I am not hiding.”  I was pleased my remark resulted in many snickers from those sitting on the couch.

Eventually OS was finished with Prux and looked to me.  I took the opportunity to be a ham and ducked behind the couch (get it???  DUCKED!!!).  RainySpanker leaned over and said, “we can do this the easy way, or the HARD way.”  I personally enjoy being a little manhandled, so I gleefully looked up at him and said, “drag me out!!  No really!  It will be FUN!”  He grabbed my arms and pulled me out from behind the couch.

I normally feel very uncomfortable when guys pick me up, drag me, or ask me to sit on their laps.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE IT.  I’m just a large girl and I’m afraid that I am going to hurt the guy and then that will spread to everyone else and no one would want to touch me.  The fact that I have actually SAID this to RainySpanker and he still does it, makes me happy.  He makes me feel small and helpless.  Oddly, a huge trigger for my headspace.

Anyway, I gave OS a hug and whispered that I really hadn't played that much this weekend and to keep that in mind.  He nodded that he understood, but then my smart mouth got the better of me.  Let me put the statement here saying that OS is a play partner that I trust completely!  We have a play relationship where I trust what he does and my banter is basically me asking for it.  Official statement out of the way, my smart mouth got me in trouble.  In fact, at one point OS leaned over and told me that he was planning to be nice and go lightly, but I just can’t seem to help myself. 

Bent over the chair playing with leather and (gasp!) a wood paddle (Normal people get a NO on wood paddles, brushes, or ANYTHING and playing publicly with wood always makes me nervous because I worry other people will think it is okay to use wood on me too).  I do enjoy playing in front of an audience, and my highlight came when OS pulled my pj pants down to reveal my cute foxy panties that were made by the lovely Miss Beth.  Check out her adorable panties HERE!

I could hear Beth shriek, “THOSE ARE MY PANTIES!”   I smiled because they fit nicely and were very cute.  She should be proud of what she makes and everyone kept talking about them.  OS even stopped and bent over to tell me that everyone was talking about how cute my butt looked with Beth’s foxy panties on.  It made me happy that I could provide free advertisement without everyone running out of the room for seeing them on MY butt. 

Our double play scene with the book ended with Prux being made to provide a speech about some duck thing to everyone in the room.  Perhaps little Prux needs to rethink her outcomes!  ;)

Shadowlane Part IX: Punished and Dealing with Party Life as a Crazy Person.

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After a nice drive back to the hotel with Dirk and Pubsie, I headed upstairs with a brief stop into the other suite before heading to ours.  While walking down the hallway, I realized that I didn’t have my phone on me.  I assumed that I left the phone in the car, so I asked Pubsie if he could run down and try to catch Dirk before the valet parked his car.

While freshening up, it occurred to me that maybe I had left my phone in the other suite and so I headed back down to 1016.  After knocking Stacy held up my phone and said, “here it is!  Pubsie called and I answered it… he said to tell you that you are in BIG trouble.”

I closed my eyes for a second and said thank you for finding my phone and letting them know it was up here.  OS was laughing because he thought that it was awesome that Pubsie announced that I was in trouble.  We do not have a DD dynamic in our relationship, so Pubsie actually announcing that meant he was REALLY annoyed with me.

After that comment there was no way I was going back to my suite.
Rather quickly Dirk and Pubsie arrived at the suite and my one idea was to hide.  Pretty much a classic cousin panicked based plan, I ran into Heather's, Somaholiday's, and OS’s bedroom and darted to the closet.  Why was this a classic cousin plan?  I was trapped without a real plan of action, but at the time I thought it was a great idea!  Since jules was unable to make this party, I apparently began to channel her spirit.  ;)

It worked for a second because Pubsie thought I hid in the bathroom.  However, Dirk checked the closet and pulled me out.  I was feeling horrible when both gentlemen started to scold me.  I did have to yell back, because both men thought it would be funny to make it out much worse than it was and I was already at the point of tears.  They did end up ripping out the back seat of Dirk’s rental car, but luckily no permanent car damage was done.

Pubsie bent me over the bed and took off his belt and began to strap me for the hassle.  OS decided it would be extra helpful to put his ridiculous ginormous hairbrush on the bed.  I glared at him and told him to mind his own business, and luckily both Dirk and Pubsie were too…“distracted” to notice the hairbrush.  When Pubsie was done he offered his belt to Dirk since I inconvenienced him as well.  Dirk was all too happy to comply.

I could tell that Pubsie was still a little annoyed, but Dirk was very forgiving.  He told me that it was worth it since he got to belt me.  I’m glad that Dirk is so easily appeased. 

I’ve mentioned before how I am a little “bat-shit-crazy” and with the emotions that run high throughout a whole weekend, there tends to be a moment where I finally break.

My anxiety embarrasses me.  I hate for people to see me cry.  I hate thinking that people are judging me because of my anxiety.  I am afraid that people are thinking that I am just looking for attention, and I am afraid that people think they have to walk on eggshells around me because of it.

One of the reasons why I am willing to talk about it is because for years I thought I was the only person who dealt with anxiety.  Growing up it was hard to keep friends because of it.  Who wants to be friends with a crybaby?  So I learned to hide it as best as I could.  If I feel a panic attack coming on, I try to sneak away until I can get a control of my emotions.  Without being on anxiety drugs, it is harder to calm down.  I want others who may also deal with anxiety to understand that they are not alone and to never be afraid to talk to others about it if help is needed.

What the trigger was is not important, but while I was in the suite with everyone I felt my panic rise and I started having difficulty breathing.  Trying to remain calm, I smiled and laughed with everyone as I slowly got up and moved to the door in hopes of being able to sneak out unnoticed.  I headed down to our suite and moved into our bedroom.  Still feeling that I was too exposed, I locked myself into our bathroom and sat in our tub as I cried and tried to gain control of myself.  I’m not sure how long I was in the bathroom, but I eventually managed to calm myself down enough to get out and move towards getting a bottle of water.

Apparently I did not escape completely unnoticed.  When I opened the bathroom door I noticed that Kor-E was in the room waiting for me to come out.  When I saw him I instantly teared up again embarrassed to have been caught.  He and I had a long talk and even played a bit.  I was feeling better after our talk, but the well had been tapped and I knew that I would need some more time before I would be ready to face everybody.

Pubsie came down and gave me a big hug, and I asked him to leave me alone for a bit.  Until I was able to pass the eye makeup test (not crying with eye makeup on!), I didn't want to go downstairs and I didn't want him to think he had to stay and babysit me while a party was going on.  I was afraid of people noticing that something was wrong.

I was hiding in the room when my beautiful wifey came in.  She hadn't realized that I had been hiding and she was quick to provide a big hug.  We were able to talk and I was finally starting to feel normal again.  With Pubsie texting me to come down to the suite parties, and Aurora’s ‘lovin’, I finally felt like I could come back to joining everyone.

For those of you who know me, you know I smoke.  I have manage to stop smoking but have a few triggers that I have not yet gotten past.  One hurdle was not smoking at a spanking party.  I was doing so well that I actually felt like I could brag about it.  I figured if I told people I wasn't smoking I would make sure that I wasn't smoking.  After this anxiety attack I only had one thing on my brain.  Get a cigarette and REALLY relax.

Of course the first cigarette I was able to bum, out came YS, Beth, and Ellee.  That was the end of my bragging.  I do wish I could have gone a whole spanking weekend without smoking, but considering I normally go through a pack and half a party weekend, the two cigarettes (the second smoke is for a later story) that I had were a strong start and hopefully the next party I can make it the whole weekend. 

Finally feeling up to seeing people, I took a deep breath and headed down to join the Sunday night suite party in 460.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Shadowlane Part VIII: Spanking Court and The Hofbräuhaus

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Morning rolled around and our suite was slowly getting up to head down to Strictdave’s Spanking Court.   Since I was the first person ready and I didn’t want to be late, I headed down myself and managed to pull up a spot of floor in the front row.  I felt that this year there was the perfect amount of court cases.  Not too many and all that were amusing.

For my “Reckless Abandonment” case, even though there were several people in the suite Friday night, Heather was the person I called up on charges.  1.)  I knew she would show up to court.  2.)  I knew she would be okay with being called up on court charges.  3.)  She was the person I asked to make she it was okay that I used their restroom, and 4.)  I knew she would be smart, witty, and hilarious.

I presented my case and attempted to be entertaining as I explained the horror of coming out of the bathroom to an empty suite and thinking everyone was playing a joke on me… only to find out nope, they left me.  I had laughs and awwwwws and one gasp as I said, “What the fuck!”   Heather fought back and presented a good defense, however, Strictdave would end up ruling in my favor.  I wasn’t completely out of the woods though, because even though I was telling a story, I was sentenced two swats with leather because I said, “fuck” for contempt of court.  I got up and forgot my hug from SD and had to deal with the laughter of “abandoning” Dave.   Heather took her swats like a champ and smiles were prevalent from everyone watching the court case.

Court continued and ended with a very memorable case of Sandy vs Rad.  You know it would be good when Rad feigned surprise and exclaimed, “WHAT THE FUCK!?” when his case was announced (I would like to point out the double standard of him NOT being charged with contempt of court. ;) )  Sandy accused Rad of ruining a romantic moment and Rad defended himself by working the audience (lots of awwwwwwws from the women) and proclaiming that Sandy knew what she had gotten herself into when she married him AND that she wouldn't have him any other way.  Rad even managed to get Bob the DJ to play Sandy and Rad’s wedding dance song.  It was an adorable mixture of humor and love shared between two.

As court ended, the cat herding began as a group of us met to head down to the strip to eat tapas.  I ended up in OS's car with Aurora, Corey, and a man I hadn't met before and can’t remember his handle.  The three in the back chatted as I entertained OS with stories of my youth.  Very exciting stories.  In fact, I was so wrapped up in my stories that I wasn't paying attention to the GPS as it squawked for us to turn.  I was horrified.  It looked as if everyone had been following us, but it ended up being a blessing in disguise.  Apparently I had put the wrong address into the GPS and OS was driving based on his memory of the location.  My face was bright red as we parked the car and I felt horrible considering I really only had ONE job.

Lunch itself was a delicious variety of Tapas and Sangria.  We put our trust into StrictDave to order and we were not disappointed.  It was such a wonderful mixture of food.  The sangria was my favorite part and I've been craving it since leaving the restaurant!

After lunch, more than half the group headed back to get ready for the Singapore Prison group role play.   Since we were not participating, Pubsie and I stayed with the group that was visiting the strip and heading to the Hofbräuhaus to experience their “shots.”  I had never been to the Hofbräuhaus in Vegas but was well aware of their tradition of spanking anyone with their paddles for ordering a shot.   OS was a little *TOO* excited when he told the waitress that he wanted to buy shots for all the ladies.  The waitress let out an evil smile and said, “I may look innocent, but I love to spank!”  OS even told her that the harder she spanked us, the higher her tip would be.

The shots came out and the waitress came out with the biggest grin on her face.  She pulled us up one by one, made us bend over the table,  spread our legs, and checked our back pockets to make sure nothing was there.  She gave us three swats, two light swats and one hard.  When I bent over the table for my swats, I was well aware of the number of people who were watching our large, cheering group.   She gave out her two light swats, and then let me have it.  I actually shrieked in surprise and jumped up.  Everyone cheered and we moved onto the next girl.  We had so much fun, we ended up ordering another round of shots, this time for EVERYONE (even the guys) in our group.  There was a lot of hooting and hollering, and more people in the restaurant were interested in getting their own spankings.

Being in a vanilla setting indulging our kink was an incredibly liberating feeling.  We enjoyed our beverages, did our shots, and bent over for public spankings!  We laughed as the waitress told Stacy that for some reason she was hard to hit.  We laughed as the table next to us told Heather that she took her paddling like a champ!  We laughed as Maria became a “mean” drunk, and Aurora was called out on her wiggling.  We nearly died as Dirk bought OS a shot just to watch him get paddled.  We all left the restaurant grinning from ear to ear. 

We headed back to the hotel to get ready for our last night together in Vegas.


I can't believe I forgot to add this part!  While in the bathroom, two vanilla girls came in.  I was washing my hands when I head one girl say, "Man... i have some redness!"  Her friend responded with, "yeah... that can happen!"  I almost wet myself running out of the bathroom to meet back with our group of friends and share that little tibit!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Shadowlane Part VII

In case you haven't noticed, I ramble a LOT.  Check out my other six parts:

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My friends in the scene are great for many reasons.  One thing we are not so great at?  Leaving for ANYTHING on time.   It is like herding cats.  Phrases like, “I’ll be ready in 20 minutes” can easily translate to one hour. We don’t move quickly.

In order to help solve this problem, many people are given times that are at least a half hour earlier than needed.  I was standing in our suite bathroom finishing my hair when I received a text from OS saying, “Get down here, ASAP!”  Thinking something was wrong, I quickly left my room and headed down to the other room. 

“GREAT!  She’s here!”  OS said when I knocked.  Nothing was wrong, just the herding process.  Grumbling, I headed back to our suite to unplug my straightener and gather the rest of our room.  I was actually very pleased with how my dress, hair, and makeup looked.  Until RainySpanker stuck his palm on my face, rubbed it down and ruined my eye makeup.  -_-

“You can’t do that to girls!!”  I screeched angrily at him and left the suite and ran back to mine.  Sure enough my mascara was now sitting underneath my eye giving me the look of a half faced raccoon.

I am led to believe that the married men of the group yelled at RainySpanker for me informing him that he just delayed the cat herding process by another 10-20 minutes.  He seemed so apologetic, he even let me punch him in the shoulder which I was more than happy to take advantage of.  Hard.

Finally the whole group was ready to leave for dinner, and somehow managed to make it on time.  There is something great about sitting with good friends, good conversation, and good food.  Dinner left me full in many ways.  My hunger was satisfied and my well-being was satisfied.   We laughed, we drank, and of course we ate.  Many of us were hitting the food coma wall as we headed back to get ready for a night of suite parties.

Hanging out as some people changed clothing and some people "rested their eyes,"  Stephen Lewis came down to visit.  I gave him my winning smile, but all he could exclaim was, "THERE is that SMILE again."  Aurora had to point out that I just have a very insincere smile.  Laughter abound, I pointed out that that wins as the MEANEST thing anyone has ever said to me!  :-P  I couldn't help but laugh.  A few months ago we had a fetlife thread about how people always seem to think I am up to something, even when I am not.  I am starting to develop a complex about my smile.

With some of us falling asleep and some of us getting our second wind, a split group headed out towards Tom and Joe’s open suites.  After a day of playing, the Saturday night suite parties were very calm for me.   Late night, yes, but little play.  Enjoying conversations with friends was my night.

I know that this is a spanko blog and this entire post has nothing to do with spankings.  Many people not familiar to the large party scenes seem to think that these parties are non stop play for 3-4 days.  In reality, it is coming together with people who share the same secret we all share and getting to know them.  There is something freeing about having friends who know you.  REALLY know you.  They know who you are, what you do, what you like, and they know you are a spanko too.  Not only do they not shun you or question you about your kink, they celebrate it with you.  It is this comradery that has made me addicted to spanking parties. 

Strictdave put out his court box and I did take the time to figure out how to word my “Reckless Abandonment” case.  Stacy tried to warn me that the larger the accusation, the harder the spanking if I were to lose!  I felt good, but I've felt good about many other cases too which would end up with me losing.  I decided to “go big” and added my slip to the court box.  I couldn't wait to fight my case.  ;)