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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Shadowlane Part IV

If you just got here:

After our detention, Aurora and I headed back to our room to change and go join the suites.   I was looking forward to visiting both Tom and Joe’s suites and I am always grateful that they are willing to open up their suites to entertain the spanking masses.  We headed to Tom’s suite first and right away I saw YS and he gestured for me to come over to him.  I have gotten to know YS and Ellee over the past two years and YS and I had never played before.  I was so excited that he had asked me and the two of us ducked into one of the side bedrooms.  YS claims that he is a converted vanilla,  but I do not believe that!  He spanks way too good to be a vanilla at heart.  ;)  We had such a lovely scene with both his hand and his belt, and of course some giggles mixed in.  First Tom had walked into the bedroom to let us know that pizza had arrived.  I said, “Thanks, Tom”  and we started laughing at the thought of stopping the scene to run and grab some pizza and then continuing with said pizza in hand.  Of course a few minutes later I turned my head to the side and saw a man standing in the doorway eating a piece of pizza without a plate, leering at our scene.  I could not help but start laughing again.  

YS was very perceptive.  I tend to tense up when playing with someone new, and he called me out on it.  However, as he was spanking me with his belt he told me that if he wanted “to go hard, I needed to relax so I could take it.”  I couldn't help myself and blurted out, “THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!” and we both started laughing.  We finished our scene where he provided wonderful rubs and aftercare.  I was so happy that we had been able to play and am looking forward to doing it again!

 We moved from suite to suite and then headed back to 1016 to hang out and visit.  Sweet little Beth had been acting a bit feisty and I am not one hundred percent sure how this happened, but next thing I knew Beth was threatening to hairbrush Stacy and Heather promised to take ten swats from Beth if Beth was able to give Stacy all ten.  Watching Beth be drunk with power was hilarious.  After every swat she would make an evil grin and then proceed to make a speech.  She made it through Stacy’s hairbrushing and grinned wildly at Heather.  For someone reason, Heather’s agreement was changed from 10 to 20, and over Beth’s lap she went.  Beth once again continued with her monologues, but this time it was accompanied with pushing Heather’s head down onto the bed every time she lifted it up.  It felt good to laugh so hard.  :)

Back into the main living room of the suite, a few handful of people were still hanging around.  I asked Heather if she would mind if I used the restroom in her bedroom.  I was washing my hands when I heard a loud bang, and I wasn’t 100% sure what the sound was.  I walked out to the living room and… it was empty.  At first I thought that everyone was hiding (not unusual for this group), but a quick peek around the hotel made me realize… they had forgotten about me.   The loud bang I heard must have been the door closing.   Slightly hurt and slightly amazed that OUR group could move so fast, I went down a floor hoping to find people in the suites.  Kor-E ended up finding me first, and led me to Joe’s suite where everyone was at.  I ask, “What the crap!? You left me in the bathroom!!??”  There was some laughter but I knew that I would have my day in court!

Another late night and after hanging out a bit we slowly all moved towards bed.  We had another busy day ahead of us!


  1. It was so fun playing with you! I saw you standing there and felt the overwhelming desire to spank you. I'm glad I called you over. You cracked me up with your comments that were snarky but somehow not bratty...

    You are always fun to be around and our scene was a highlight of the weekend. Thank you for the kind words here.

  2. "You cracked me up with your comments that were snarky but somehow not bratty..."

    It's a fine line and a gift to be able to walk it. ;) LOL Thank you so much for such a great party scene. I loved it! <3