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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Shadowlane X: Sunday Night Suite Parties

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Sunday night suite parties are my favorite because they are relaxed and low key.  Everyone is much more cuddly with the exception of sneaking out for last minute scenes.   A group of us were snuggling on the couch and able to share laughs and smiles and retell some of our favorite adventures from the weekend.  My prior anxiety attack was forgotten as I remembered how great it is to be in the company of good people and friends.  My mood was improved even more when TopJosh walked over to me and told me that he had been watching my smile light up the room since he walked in.  Having someone come up to me and say something so sweet made my night.  I’m glad that my “sincere” smile was showing.  ;) 

One bad thing about the suite is that one of the toilets overflowed and was starting to soak into part of the carpet.  I of course didn't realize it until AFTER I stepped in the gross, squishy carpet wearing sandals.  A plumber was called, but the hotel was taking its sweet ass time getting there.  One of the male party goers showed up carrying an implement bag that was also an actual toolbag. 

As a bunch of us were sitting on the couch, RainySpanker was the one to notice and started yelling, “The toilet is over there!!!   To the left!  NO, THE LEFT!!!!!”  We were all slightly confused to who he was shouting at, but then he shouted at another top to get his attention and point him to the bathroom.  The other top looked at the plumber look-alike, realized that he was a spanko guest, and quickly shook his head and waved his arms, NO at RainySpanker.   The entire couch started to crack up.

RainySpanker was trying to defend himself by saying, “doesn't he LOOK like he could be a plumber!!??”  Of course those of us on the couch had to spend the next ten minutes mocking RainySpanker yelling.  “LEFT!  LOOK LEFT!  THE TOILET IS ON YOUR LEFT!!!”  My stomach started to hurt I was laughing so hard.

Nightowl came and joined us on the couch and it was so good to catch up with her.  Friday night she had come up to me to give me a hug and provided wonderful, positive, and uplifting advice to me.  She knew I had been having a bad few months in my personal life and her coming up to me was so sweet.  I adore her!

One thing though, I could smell her cigarettes and after having the one, all I wanted was another.  I asked if she would mind if I bummed one of her smokes and she happily complied.  I thought I could perhaps sneak out without being noticed, but it didn't exactly work out like that.  People were starting to wonder where I went and someone snitched.  Of course when I came back to the suite EVERYONE was teasing me asking, “WHAT’S THAT SMELL!?!?”  I know my face was bright red.  That was the pressure I needed earlier and hope I get when I try my next spanking party weekend without smokes.

As the night wore on, cute little Prux had something that she tricked convinced me into helping out with.  At the FMS party that I was unable to attend, ReeBee and Prux asked what would be a funny thing to do for their scene with OS.  I had let them know the absolute worst thing they could do would be to make fun of his sport teams.  I even TOLD them that it would be the worst thing to do and that his hairbrush would be instantly added to this scene.  The two girls decided to do it anyway.  I still personally think that my being yelled at and spanked for their actions was ridiculous.  These were grown ladies and they chose their actions.  If I had the power to control people into being my minions, I would be ruler of the world (/endrant/). 

So Prux, in hoping to make up the error of her duck panties, asked me to help create a book to why the “Ducks” were bad, but actual ducks were cute and adorable and stuff.  So, being the helpful person that I am, I created a list of bad awesome duck jokes and sent it to her to help add to her book.  Sunday night was the big reveal and apparently OS was not too happy with his gift.   Prux was bent over a chair first, so I took the opportunity to move to behind the couch.  Pubsie pointed to me and said, “QUIT HIDING BEHIND THE COUCH!”  I responded with, “ummmm… you can SEE me.  That means I am not hiding.”  I was pleased my remark resulted in many snickers from those sitting on the couch.

Eventually OS was finished with Prux and looked to me.  I took the opportunity to be a ham and ducked behind the couch (get it???  DUCKED!!!).  RainySpanker leaned over and said, “we can do this the easy way, or the HARD way.”  I personally enjoy being a little manhandled, so I gleefully looked up at him and said, “drag me out!!  No really!  It will be FUN!”  He grabbed my arms and pulled me out from behind the couch.

I normally feel very uncomfortable when guys pick me up, drag me, or ask me to sit on their laps.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE IT.  I’m just a large girl and I’m afraid that I am going to hurt the guy and then that will spread to everyone else and no one would want to touch me.  The fact that I have actually SAID this to RainySpanker and he still does it, makes me happy.  He makes me feel small and helpless.  Oddly, a huge trigger for my headspace.

Anyway, I gave OS a hug and whispered that I really hadn't played that much this weekend and to keep that in mind.  He nodded that he understood, but then my smart mouth got the better of me.  Let me put the statement here saying that OS is a play partner that I trust completely!  We have a play relationship where I trust what he does and my banter is basically me asking for it.  Official statement out of the way, my smart mouth got me in trouble.  In fact, at one point OS leaned over and told me that he was planning to be nice and go lightly, but I just can’t seem to help myself. 

Bent over the chair playing with leather and (gasp!) a wood paddle (Normal people get a NO on wood paddles, brushes, or ANYTHING and playing publicly with wood always makes me nervous because I worry other people will think it is okay to use wood on me too).  I do enjoy playing in front of an audience, and my highlight came when OS pulled my pj pants down to reveal my cute foxy panties that were made by the lovely Miss Beth.  Check out her adorable panties HERE!

I could hear Beth shriek, “THOSE ARE MY PANTIES!”   I smiled because they fit nicely and were very cute.  She should be proud of what she makes and everyone kept talking about them.  OS even stopped and bent over to tell me that everyone was talking about how cute my butt looked with Beth’s foxy panties on.  It made me happy that I could provide free advertisement without everyone running out of the room for seeing them on MY butt. 

Our double play scene with the book ended with Prux being made to provide a speech about some duck thing to everyone in the room.  Perhaps little Prux needs to rethink her outcomes!  ;)


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    1. Had I known you quit smoking, I never would have "allowed" you to bum one. Luckily I didn't get "punished" for contributing to the delinquency of a sneaky brat....LOL

    2. BAHAHAHA! I needed it!!!!! :-D Besides, I enjoyed sneaking off with you. :)