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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Shadowlane Part III: British Detention with Aurora

If you missed them:

My "just resting my eyes" turned into a full fledged nap, something I HATE doing at parties. ;)  I have a fear of sleeping when everyone else is awake.  What if I miss something?  Then everyone will be talking about that one spectacular moment and I will be the loser who has to admit that I was sleeping. 

Luckily I had set my alarm clock earlier to remind me that it was time to get ready.  Pubsie had come back to the room to wake me up and even though I was groggy, I wanted to make sure that I was ready and on time for my detention session.  

The British detention events have been occurring at the past few parties.  With a headmaster, head girl, witness and a punishment book that all the naughties must sign, this group does an amazing job at setting a scene for those of us with school girl fetishes! At BBW, Maria corralled all the cousins into a session and it was a blast.  About a week afterwards, I discovered that I had been carrying around my detention slip in my purse! Snickering to myself, I posted a picture of my slip online.  Then goody-two shoes Stacy felt the need to post hers and show everyone how she wasn't at all in the slightest bit of trouble. Since we all know *that* isn't true, I set out to prove that she really was a trouble maker!  Scheming, sleuthing, and pulling in resources from across the country, I was able to snag evidence that little Miss Stacy really did get in trouble!!  All of that happened four months ago, and as funny as it all was, it was pushed to the back of my mind.  

Until three days before Shadowlane. 

I was actually for once being a super good girl focusing on my work and trying to get myself ahead for the next week when I decided to take a quick perv break and sign on to fet. My @'s were lit up and I was greeted with this status message:


Apparently someone decided to point a certain British headmaster to my mischievous thread and he felt the need to revive it.  

I was no longer able to focus on my work that night.  

Since I really wanted to do the detention again, and because I was too chicken to sign up alone, I volunteered Aurora to go with me. :)  I knew she would be game!  The two of us had gotten dressed and headed down to the detention suite to await our scheduled time. 

I would love to say that everything this weekend was absolutely perfect, but just prior to detention I had a not so good moment.  Our floor was mixed with both vanillas and Spankos and I was dressed in full school girl uniform.  Alex Reynolds was waiting outside the door in her school uniform, and when the door next to the British detention suite opened, a vanilla woman walked out and saw us hanging out in the hallway.  The woman instantly approached us and asked what was going on.  We didn't answer her and she pressed asking if this was some sort of fetish thing.  She seemed nice enough, just curious, but then went into this diatribe about how her 14 year old daughter was in the next room, and that we better not let the kid see us, blah, blah, and blah.  She continued on her way but my headspace was shot.  I teared and thought about my vanilla life and how that this was the first time in a long time that I was ashamed of being a spanko.

At that moment Stacy, Crashdance, and Somaholiday came down the hall to tease us, but they instantly saw my face and asked what was wrong.  This is why I love having my girls.  They could tell I was upset and worked to make it better.  By the time the door opened for me to walk in, I was feeling better and the looming figures of the British detention team was able to snap me back into place.  The mean vanilla lady was pushed to the back of my mind.  

Aurora and I were given out slips earlier and told not to open them.  I had protected mine by putting it in the room, but Aurora's was taken by RainySpanker and torn.  Boys can be so mean sometimes!  We presented our slips and I smirked as Aurora tried to explain what had happened.  My enveloped was opened and I was told to read my slip.  I almost cracked up as I read, "Kathryn's catalogue of naughtiness is too full to fit within these margins.  However, her attempts to trivialize this very process is something that is needed to be addressed urgently."

Headmaster Lewis asked for me to explain to the others what exactly I did.  I paused for a moment trying to figure out how to start and was then guided over Stephen Lewis's knee.  He began to spank me and told me to begin explaining.  I quickly told my cliff noted version of the story and was met with a British detention group that was trying very hard not to laugh.  I attempted to give my award winning smile, but it didn't help my case.

Next was Aurora and I can't remember exactly what it said, but it did involve her claims of always being the "good" one was clearly showing that she was actually a ring leader.  I was apparently smiling too hard at the thought of Aurora being punished.  When asked if I was enjoying this, I quickly said no, but after being yelled at to tell the truth, I admitted that I was.  I was then told to turn around and not watch. :(

Aurora was told to stand up and I was asked to bend over the table and stretch all the way across.  I receive a "six of the best" caning that was so yummy I almost smarted off just to receive more.  Aurora was next, and then the two of us were told to kneel on chairs that faced each other and watch as the other received a final three strokes.  

The play was great, but the best part happened next.  After we were told to thank the head girl for recording our punishments and Mr. Kennedy for witnessing it, the headmaster asked us to thank him for punishing him.  I tried to give him my winningest smile as I thanked him, but his stare down showed me that he wasn't buying it.  Then Aurora made this long speech thanking the headmaster that I knew was sincere, but actually sounded as if she was being a smart ass.  He then continued to stare her down and I couldn't help but cough out *RINGLEADER* under my breath.  The stern glare was directed back at me before he announced that he demanded to see us both back at 2pm the next day.  We left smiling and I couldn't help but laugh at the fact we were given "detention" during detention.  This had been such a wonderful scene and I thank Stephen Lewis for being willing to set this up for us!


  1. Ya know, had I been there, I would have been sorely tempted to say to that woman, "We're not bothering you. Mind your own damn business." But I wouldn't want her going and squawking to the hotel management. Arrrgggh... some people! I'm glad you were able to recover and have fun. :-)

  2. I was just so surprised that she came up to us like that. I couldn't believe she would be nasty and it shocked me. I'm glad I didn't see her any more during the weekend.