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Monday, September 8, 2014

Shadowlane Part VIII: Spanking Court and The Hofbräuhaus

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Morning rolled around and our suite was slowly getting up to head down to Strictdave’s Spanking Court.   Since I was the first person ready and I didn’t want to be late, I headed down myself and managed to pull up a spot of floor in the front row.  I felt that this year there was the perfect amount of court cases.  Not too many and all that were amusing.

For my “Reckless Abandonment” case, even though there were several people in the suite Friday night, Heather was the person I called up on charges.  1.)  I knew she would show up to court.  2.)  I knew she would be okay with being called up on court charges.  3.)  She was the person I asked to make she it was okay that I used their restroom, and 4.)  I knew she would be smart, witty, and hilarious.

I presented my case and attempted to be entertaining as I explained the horror of coming out of the bathroom to an empty suite and thinking everyone was playing a joke on me… only to find out nope, they left me.  I had laughs and awwwwws and one gasp as I said, “What the fuck!”   Heather fought back and presented a good defense, however, Strictdave would end up ruling in my favor.  I wasn’t completely out of the woods though, because even though I was telling a story, I was sentenced two swats with leather because I said, “fuck” for contempt of court.  I got up and forgot my hug from SD and had to deal with the laughter of “abandoning” Dave.   Heather took her swats like a champ and smiles were prevalent from everyone watching the court case.

Court continued and ended with a very memorable case of Sandy vs Rad.  You know it would be good when Rad feigned surprise and exclaimed, “WHAT THE FUCK!?” when his case was announced (I would like to point out the double standard of him NOT being charged with contempt of court. ;) )  Sandy accused Rad of ruining a romantic moment and Rad defended himself by working the audience (lots of awwwwwwws from the women) and proclaiming that Sandy knew what she had gotten herself into when she married him AND that she wouldn't have him any other way.  Rad even managed to get Bob the DJ to play Sandy and Rad’s wedding dance song.  It was an adorable mixture of humor and love shared between two.

As court ended, the cat herding began as a group of us met to head down to the strip to eat tapas.  I ended up in OS's car with Aurora, Corey, and a man I hadn't met before and can’t remember his handle.  The three in the back chatted as I entertained OS with stories of my youth.  Very exciting stories.  In fact, I was so wrapped up in my stories that I wasn't paying attention to the GPS as it squawked for us to turn.  I was horrified.  It looked as if everyone had been following us, but it ended up being a blessing in disguise.  Apparently I had put the wrong address into the GPS and OS was driving based on his memory of the location.  My face was bright red as we parked the car and I felt horrible considering I really only had ONE job.

Lunch itself was a delicious variety of Tapas and Sangria.  We put our trust into StrictDave to order and we were not disappointed.  It was such a wonderful mixture of food.  The sangria was my favorite part and I've been craving it since leaving the restaurant!

After lunch, more than half the group headed back to get ready for the Singapore Prison group role play.   Since we were not participating, Pubsie and I stayed with the group that was visiting the strip and heading to the Hofbräuhaus to experience their “shots.”  I had never been to the Hofbräuhaus in Vegas but was well aware of their tradition of spanking anyone with their paddles for ordering a shot.   OS was a little *TOO* excited when he told the waitress that he wanted to buy shots for all the ladies.  The waitress let out an evil smile and said, “I may look innocent, but I love to spank!”  OS even told her that the harder she spanked us, the higher her tip would be.

The shots came out and the waitress came out with the biggest grin on her face.  She pulled us up one by one, made us bend over the table,  spread our legs, and checked our back pockets to make sure nothing was there.  She gave us three swats, two light swats and one hard.  When I bent over the table for my swats, I was well aware of the number of people who were watching our large, cheering group.   She gave out her two light swats, and then let me have it.  I actually shrieked in surprise and jumped up.  Everyone cheered and we moved onto the next girl.  We had so much fun, we ended up ordering another round of shots, this time for EVERYONE (even the guys) in our group.  There was a lot of hooting and hollering, and more people in the restaurant were interested in getting their own spankings.

Being in a vanilla setting indulging our kink was an incredibly liberating feeling.  We enjoyed our beverages, did our shots, and bent over for public spankings!  We laughed as the waitress told Stacy that for some reason she was hard to hit.  We laughed as the table next to us told Heather that she took her paddling like a champ!  We laughed as Maria became a “mean” drunk, and Aurora was called out on her wiggling.  We nearly died as Dirk bought OS a shot just to watch him get paddled.  We all left the restaurant grinning from ear to ear. 

We headed back to the hotel to get ready for our last night together in Vegas.


I can't believe I forgot to add this part!  While in the bathroom, two vanilla girls came in.  I was washing my hands when I head one girl say, "Man... i have some redness!"  Her friend responded with, "yeah... that can happen!"  I almost wet myself running out of the bathroom to meet back with our group of friends and share that little tibit!

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