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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Shadowlane Part V: The Special Headmaster's Session

If you missed the other posts:

After another late night I woke up early again.  I went out into the living room to wake up with crappy coffee and enjoyed a nice quiet moment playing on my phone.  Kor-E and Maria were already awake and they were getting ready to head out and pick up some good coffee.  Since Kor-E offered to pick me up a coffee, I decided to test his coffee knowledge by ordering a Double, non-fat, extra froth, caramel latte.  He made fun of me, but promised to pick one up!   The rest of us in our suite were moving slowly, but Aurora and I would eventually need to get ready to head to our special detention session.  Poor Aurora had been healing from a broken ankle and her foot had been very swollen.  Following doctor’s orders she choose not to wear shoes.  I felt bad because I hadn't realized how much she had been hurting. 

Kor-E showed up with the latte while I was showering and asked Aurora to pass it on to me with a clause stating that by accepting this latte, I would agree to forgive him for abandoning me and not bring him up on court charges.  I took the latte and marched over to their room, but Kor-E had already left.  Maria promised to inform Kor-E that I rejected his offer and would leave the latte for the maid to drink.

Aurora and I finished getting ready and I peeked out into the hallway hoping not to see the mean lady from the night before.   With the coast clear, we headed down to Stephen Lewis’s room and knocked on his door.   He invited us in and thanked us for coming back.  After asking us both to sit down, he asked if we understood why we were there.  Aurora once again gave a sincere answer that sounded smart assy, and I gave a smart assy answer but accompanied it with my charming smile.  After smirking at both of us, Mr. Lewis pointed at first Aurora, then at me and said, “If that tone is sincere, and that LOOK is supposed to be sincere, you are both doomed!”  Both of Aurora and I started cracking up and I was asked to stand and go over his lap.

Mr. Lewis started with an over the lap spanking and yummy scolding of my improper detention behavior.  As he stood me up he pointed out that since this was a special headmaster session as opposed to a formal detention, there would be no counting.  Aurora however,  piped up that SHE had been counting and that he was at 95 swats.  Since we were that close to 100 he pulled me back over his lap for five more swats!  Aurora… always so helpful.

Next was Aurora’s turn.  The poor girl went over Stephen’s lap, but unfortunately the pain in her ankle was hurting really bad and it was too much for her.  Aurora is a great wifey because she understands my anxiety and how I get with people I am just getting to know. Even though she wasn't up for playing, she came anyway to support me.   Her kindness (even though she is going to prove what a brat she is) is why I love this girl!

Stephen sat her up and we talked for a few minutes as Aurora apologized for not being up for playing.  He gave her a big hug and asked her if she wanted to stay and watch ME get punished.  I don’t think I have ever seen that big of a grin on Aurora’s face as she excitedly said, “YES, SIR!”  Back over his knee I went and when I was told to stand back up, Aurora shared that it was only 49 swats.  Of course I had to go back over for one more spank.

Mr. Lewis stood up and told Aurora that she can decide if she felt that I was punished enough.  The little minx looked like the Cheshire Cat as she nodded enthusiastically.  Mr. Lewis then said one of my favorite lines of the whole scene, “Since this is a special headmaster’s session, I get to make this shit up as we go along!”

I had never played with Stephen Lewis outside of their formal detention sessions, and I wasn't aware how much research he puts into his scenes.   I have several triggers in a scene that can not only get into my head space, but make me weak in the knees as well.   He pulled my ponytail and made me look up at him, and he scolded me using my “full name” saying that by the end of this session, I would be one sorry, well behaved young lady.  I melted.  It was such a yummy moment that I almost forgot to breath for a moment.

I was told to bend over the table and received cane strokes and swats with leather as Aurora announced whether or not she felt I had learned my lesson (she didn't).   Aurora was then told to sit across from me and hold my hands as I received my final strokes. Another tug at the pony tail and I was standing back up with my final scolding.

Aurora was feeling up for trying a few strokes with the cane, and over the table she went with me being told to hold her hands.  I love watching the faces of girls being spanked, and the noises they make.  Stephen told us that we both make the most adorable noises, and Aurora had to prove it by making the squeak toy noises she makes when being caned.  

I wish I could better describe this entire scene to fully show my emotions, adrenaline, and the fact that sometimes I just can’t control my mouth.  I was sinking into subspace and my brain turned to a fuzzy mush.  When I think back all I can remember is how happy I was and how amazing it had been.  If I could describe this scene in one word?  HOT!   The chemistry felt right, the banter was awesome, and the scene itself was perfect.

Now that I know what a special Headmaster session entails, I may never behave during normal detention again.  ;)

Thank you to Stephen Lewis for an awesome play session!  I cannot wait for the next party and being able to play again.  :)

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