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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Shadowlane Part II

Even though it was very late when Aurora and I crawled into bed, my body has been used to waking up at an ungodly hour to be at work.  I was able to get about four hours of sleep (pretty good for me at a party) but was wide awake before 9am.  Not wanting to wake up Pubsie or Robyn, I grabbed my phone and crawled out to the living room.  I was getting over a sinus infection and being on the plane had caused mild snifflage and coughing.  Kor-E was not impressed with the coughing and I told him that all I needed was a cup of crappy hotel room coffee and it would go away.  Kor-E of course could not believe that that would be the case, but I know me and of course, the cough went away as soon as I had a warm beverage to sooth my throat.  Apparently I was a little too smug and Kor-E pulled me over his lap for a few swats.  I accused him of trying to “recongest” me and that he shouldn't fight when he knows I am RIGHT!  ;)

Even though I was up early, I was not moving fast to get ready.  :-p  Kor-E, Maria, and Pubsie ran out for breakfast, good coffee, and to pick up some items at Walmart.   Aurora and I chatted a bit before getting ready.  One thing I like about spanking parties is that I get the chance to actually focus on being a girl.  I had the time to do my hair nicely, put on makeup, and wear cute clothes.  Normally I wake up so late in the morning that I race out with my hair half dry, no makeup, and glasses.  :-p

Finally ready I walked down to Stacy’s, Strictdave’s, OS’s, Crashdance, and Somaholiday’s suite to give a proper hello.  I was able to get to know Somaholiday who I had just met at this party.  Such a sweet wonderful girl!  I was so happy to get to know her this party.  I was also able to catch up with one of my dear scene uncles, Olympiaspanker who for some reason felt the need to pull me over his lap for a quick spanking.  I’m not sure exactly why, but I am pretty sure I said that I was going to work on my “filter” by trying NOT to just blurt out what I was thinking. 

While I was sitting there catching up with everyone, I heard a deep breath,  a burst of air, and I felt something wiz past my head.  Somaholiday told me not to move, so I froze unsure of what was going on.  I heard and felt a few more things fly by my head before gathering the courage to turn around.  I don’t know why I was at all surprised knowing who I was dealing with, but Strictdave was sitting behind me with a large blow gun shooting darts across the suite at various targets.   OS was encouraging him by setting up various targets and I couldn’t help but laugh and think, “Oh, Dave.”   

Aurora came down to join us and Kor-E, Maria, and Pubsie came back from their errands and joined us as well!  The ten of us along with YS, Beth, and Ellee headed out to the strip to try a burger at Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant ‘BurGR.’  Well, driving down I confessed to everyone in the car that I had a huge Gordon Ramsey fetish and promised that if the .001% chance that he would actually be at the restaurant, I would totally lie, say it was my birthday, and ask him if he would deliver my birthday spankings.  Sadly, he wasn't there.  :(   Someday!!!!  ;)

The food was amazing!  The best part was this Oreo milkshake that was wickedly indulgent. Pubsie managed to be a dumb boy and say something stupid to me that made me mad.  I know he didn’t mean to, but I was still mad and sentenced him to a punishment of me being annoyed with him until we made it back to the hotel.  Since the Spankee Hawkins event was going to start soon and Stacy and I were the only ones in our group that had an outfit to wear, Stacy and OS were heading back early so she could change.  I asked if I could join them since I too wanted to change and didn’t want to walk into this party as the only person dressed up.   Since Pubsie was away from the table and they were ready to leave, I asked the table to make sure no one left without Pubsie and “ditched” him at the restaurant.  I promise you.  He deserved it! 

With being so busy, I wasn’t able to find a super cute costume to wear to the Spankee Hawkins party.   Since I have several school girl uniforms, I brought one of those and made it my outfit!  Stacy on the other hand had the most adorable 60s/70s dress including go-go boots and protest sign!  The protest sign told everyone that “Hands were for hugging NOT hurting” and to “use our words” stop violence and give peace a chance!  Her message was ignored by everyone as many were eager to show her how wrong her sign was!   I almost felt sorry for poor Stacy.  Almost.

Now the Spankee Hawkins is a play on words for Sadie Hawkins, where the girl is suppose to ask the guy to play.  Anyone who knows me or has read previous party reports knows that I can’t ask people to play.  I have a crippling fear that tops really do not want to play with me and are just being nice.  I’m working on trying not to think that, but I am convinced if I ask anyone they will say no.  So, I don’t ask.  OS, Stacy, and I walked into the party together and OS decided that we both needed to go and ask people to play.  I gave him my best “nope” look and he told Stacy to ask Dirk to play while he spanked me.  I protested saying that this is NOT how Spankee Hawkins works!  His response?  “I don’t care.”  

Rainyspanker showed up to the party and I gave him a giant hug!  He instantly did his “thing” and picked me up.  He is such a big ol’ cuddly, grizzly bear, but he was another person who took it upon himself to spank me without doing it the proper Spankee Hawkins way!  In fact, the ONLY top I heard actually wait for a lady to ask HIM was Kor-E.  Until 6:00pm.  Then Kor-E announced that the Spankee Hawkins event was over and he didn't have to wait to be asked.  ;)

After the Spankee Hawkins event we headed up to Dirk and Ros’s suite to enjoy our company and a few beverages.  At some point all the tops in the suite decided to provide all the ladies available with 10 strokes of the cane each.  What can I say?  I LOVE the cane and I was still in my school uniform!  I was able to enjoy some cane strokes and a few strappings from the different gentlemen in the suite, bent over a couch in front of everyone.  I was happy to indulge in my exhibitionist side as well as my spanko side.  After a few more laughs I slowly headed to my room to get ready for the night events.   I lay down on the bed for a brief moment… just to rest my eyes before my British Detention with Aurora!


  1. I am still amazed the coffee cleared your cough. Sorcery! I too am very sorry Gordon Ramsey was not there the day we went, since watching him spank you would have been pretty fabulous.

    Loved spending time with you this weekend.


    1. I told you it would! :) I am going to keep my fingers crossed for that Gordon Ramsey does show up someday!!!!

      It was so great sharing a room with you and Maria!!!