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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Part VI

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After the British discipline session, Aurora and I headed back to our room to change for the TTYL (tight, thongs, yoga pants, leggings) party.  This is one of the suite parties that makes me really nervous. I do not think I look nice in anything that is form fitting, but I hate missing out on seeing friends.  Sucking it up and putting my big girl panties on, I put on a pair of leggings and tried not to think of how it must look to everyone else.  This is one reason why having anxiety sucks.  I know that my brain is lying to me, but I can't help but believe it a little. 

We arrived to the suite and I quickly found my husband talking with RainySpanker, OS and Kor-E.  Kor-E apparently got my latte message and wanted to know what had really happened to the latte.  He seemed convinced that I drank it.  My stubborn side kicked in.  I told him that I have no idea what he was talking about and he should probably ask the maid since I had rejected his latte conditions. 

Kor-E bent me over a chair, and started interrogating me.  I was super stubborn. I refused to admit that I knew anything about the location, condition, and/or taste of said latte. No one gets away with putting on added conditions to my latte beverages without giving me the chance to reject them!

I knew that I wasn't going to budge. I threw out a compromise. Take away the conditions on the latte, and maybe I will remember what had happened to the latte.  

Since he was being completely unreasonable and refusing to acknowledge my compromise, it was time for me to throw out some bigger ammunition. 
"I have offered a compromise!" I said accusingly,  "if you don't take it, you are going to ruin me for the entire weekend!" :(

Kor-E wavered for a few more strokes before finally agreeing to remove the conditions that were attached to the gifted latte. 

I promptly admitted that I drank the latte and it was delicious.  ;)

After our battle of the wills scene, Kor-E apparently had spanker's remorse.  He told me I was not allowed to look at him or smile at him the rest of the afternoon.  

I enjoyed the afternoon party chatting and talking and enjoying a few of the scenes that were going on around me.  I unfortunately can no longer remember what had prompted the next of my scenes, but apparently OS and RainySpanker have some type of secret code.  The next thing I knew they had two chairs facing each other and pulled me over both of their knees.  OS focused on the right while RainySpanker focused on the left (I think), and the two continued to spank me simultaneously.  It was quite the interesting sensation that had me struggling since there wasn't any pause or break to give my cheeks a chance to recover before the next swat came down.  The scene also attracted the attentions of many of the party goers as they watched the chaos.  It really appealed to my exhibitionist side even though it is kind of bothering me that I am not sure what had triggered the scene and what the secret code signal between OS and RainySpanker had been!

We hung around a bit more before heading back up to our suite for some beverages.  It would be soon time to get ready for our evening dinning plans and we were giving strict instructions to be dressed and ready to go on time!

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