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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Shadowlane Part VII

In case you haven't noticed, I ramble a LOT.  Check out my other six parts:

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My friends in the scene are great for many reasons.  One thing we are not so great at?  Leaving for ANYTHING on time.   It is like herding cats.  Phrases like, “I’ll be ready in 20 minutes” can easily translate to one hour. We don’t move quickly.

In order to help solve this problem, many people are given times that are at least a half hour earlier than needed.  I was standing in our suite bathroom finishing my hair when I received a text from OS saying, “Get down here, ASAP!”  Thinking something was wrong, I quickly left my room and headed down to the other room. 

“GREAT!  She’s here!”  OS said when I knocked.  Nothing was wrong, just the herding process.  Grumbling, I headed back to our suite to unplug my straightener and gather the rest of our room.  I was actually very pleased with how my dress, hair, and makeup looked.  Until RainySpanker stuck his palm on my face, rubbed it down and ruined my eye makeup.  -_-

“You can’t do that to girls!!”  I screeched angrily at him and left the suite and ran back to mine.  Sure enough my mascara was now sitting underneath my eye giving me the look of a half faced raccoon.

I am led to believe that the married men of the group yelled at RainySpanker for me informing him that he just delayed the cat herding process by another 10-20 minutes.  He seemed so apologetic, he even let me punch him in the shoulder which I was more than happy to take advantage of.  Hard.

Finally the whole group was ready to leave for dinner, and somehow managed to make it on time.  There is something great about sitting with good friends, good conversation, and good food.  Dinner left me full in many ways.  My hunger was satisfied and my well-being was satisfied.   We laughed, we drank, and of course we ate.  Many of us were hitting the food coma wall as we headed back to get ready for a night of suite parties.

Hanging out as some people changed clothing and some people "rested their eyes,"  Stephen Lewis came down to visit.  I gave him my winning smile, but all he could exclaim was, "THERE is that SMILE again."  Aurora had to point out that I just have a very insincere smile.  Laughter abound, I pointed out that that wins as the MEANEST thing anyone has ever said to me!  :-P  I couldn't help but laugh.  A few months ago we had a fetlife thread about how people always seem to think I am up to something, even when I am not.  I am starting to develop a complex about my smile.

With some of us falling asleep and some of us getting our second wind, a split group headed out towards Tom and Joe’s open suites.  After a day of playing, the Saturday night suite parties were very calm for me.   Late night, yes, but little play.  Enjoying conversations with friends was my night.

I know that this is a spanko blog and this entire post has nothing to do with spankings.  Many people not familiar to the large party scenes seem to think that these parties are non stop play for 3-4 days.  In reality, it is coming together with people who share the same secret we all share and getting to know them.  There is something freeing about having friends who know you.  REALLY know you.  They know who you are, what you do, what you like, and they know you are a spanko too.  Not only do they not shun you or question you about your kink, they celebrate it with you.  It is this comradery that has made me addicted to spanking parties. 

Strictdave put out his court box and I did take the time to figure out how to word my “Reckless Abandonment” case.  Stacy tried to warn me that the larger the accusation, the harder the spanking if I were to lose!  I felt good, but I've felt good about many other cases too which would end up with me losing.  I decided to “go big” and added my slip to the court box.  I couldn't wait to fight my case.  ;)

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